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HMO Myths Good To Know

My mentor call this expectations check. Best to face the myths about HMO before signing up so we don’t blame everybody else but ourselves for not reading the fine print @ 5 points.

  1. Pre existing disease are disease I didn’t have the doctor checked pre sign up. NO. They are disease that you may or not may not have known prior to enrolment. These are diseases that take long to become full blown disease such as thickening of heart veins, diabetes, stones, tumors.
  2. Di ako nagkasakit the whole year therefore di ko nagamit. Sayang. NO. As soon as coverage starts, you benefit from being less anxious of not having money for health/medical concerns if and when you do need one. Never know. Accidents happen. If and when they do.. an HMO card is the best thing to have if you dont have cash available in the ATM.
  3. the HMO can cover all the expenses. NO. HMO packages have limits depending on the group coverage. The patient can exhaust the maximum amount even if the year is not over. 
  4. The fees remain the same. No. For our plan, members are not required to renew each year considering the kind of work freelancers have. Inflation, cost of medical care and utilisation affects renewal calculations.
  5. With an HMO, members do not need to line up to have a check up. NO. HMO desks at the hospitals call the HMO main office to make sure treatment can be covered. Sometimes it will take time because there are days when there are many calls. Tip is: When having medical check ups or lab tests ( in the Phil ), allot the whole day for this. ( unless you are an oligarch or Ms. Universe).

We invite freelance creatives to join the AWPI HMO for Artists, running since 2017, a milestone, change maker from passing the hat to taking affordable healthcare by the horns ourselves, as a group. As a TEAM, we’ve proven that we can take care of each other, our families and community without an arm and a leg and without the drama. From 100, we are now 500 members. ( pero quiet lang – pa humble lang) Help AWPI reach others who can benefit from this program. (lalo mga mahilig sa crispy pata). To the members who have been with AWPI for the past years, MABUHAY kayo! MABUHAY TAYONG LAHAT! (figuratively, literally, allegorically etc.)  Jenny Bonto

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