AWPI continues to send financial aid to displaced artist during the COVID-19 pandemic


Your welfare is important to AWPI. This is why AWPI partnered with Howden Insurance Brokers and Cocolife to come up with the best and most pragmatic healthcare plan for our creative workforce, their families, and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All the important HMO details on one page.
1. What benefits are covered by the HMO plan?


Php 50,000 maximum benefit limit per illness
Php 15,000 benefit limit for pre-existing disease 

The HMO plan overs accredited doctor fees, laboratory fees, hospitalization fees, and other special treatments like chemotherapy*.

* Does not include mental health service.

Download the PDF for a complete list of healthcare benefits and limits.

2. What type of room is covered?

Ward Room if confinement needed.
The patient has the option to upgrade room but has to pay the room rate difference

* St. Lukes BGC and Asian Hospital are not included in the list of hospitals

Download the PDF for a comprehensive list of accredited hospitals.

3. Does the plan cover dependents?

Dependents are NOT included.

4. Is there a lock-in period for the HMO plan?

This is NOT a locked in yearly contract. Renewals are not required.

5. What number do I call if I have questions?

HOTLINE (02) 8129090
GLOBE (0917) 5360962, (0917) 6222626, (0917) 8864799
SMART (0908) 8947763
SUN (0922) 8928828, (0922) 8384166

For information about CocoLife Healthcare, visit their website:

6. Is there a mobile app I can download?

Yes. The app is a useful tool for locating accredited hospitals and their respective contact numbers.
The app also provides general information on coverage, how to use your HMO plan, and some wellness tips.

7. Is the HMO plan exclusive to artists?

AWPI understands that healthcare should be for everyone.
Family and friends are allowed to join the program.

8. How do I join the AWPI HMO Program?

Thank you for prioritising your health and the health of your loved ones. We can only pass the hat so much when one colleague falls badly ill.

Please visit the link below, fill-out the form, and we will get in touch with you once we have the final details from Cocolife on plan availability and coverage.

This program is also open to friends and relatives of artists. 
Because this is a group plan, a minimum number of 100 subscribers is required to create a group plan.
Help us spread the word so we can gather enough people to trigger plan creation.

9. How much does the plan cost?

The current plan for March 27, 2023-March 26, 2024 is Php 13,500.00 for 18-65 yrs old
The rate varies per group, per year.

A partial payment of Php 6,000.00 is allowed with full payment required by March 25, 2023..

10. Is COVID-19 covered?

Yes with conditions. See memorandum from CocoLife below.

11. How do we go about Annual Physical Exams?

Our Cocolife Group Health Insurance covers Annual Physical Exams (APEs). See below images for details on how to avail of this package. Click on the button below to see a list of accredited APE clinics.