AWPI continues to send financial aid to displaced artist during the COVID-19 pandemic


The Artists’ Welfare Project Inc. (AWPI), a SEC-certified NGO, is the coming together of Filipino artists from different disciplines – artists guided by the vision of an increasingly empowered and self-reliant Filipino arts sector that is better able to provide for its own needs with the help of government, business, and civil society institutions that care for artists and the arts.

AWPI’s mission is to facilitate Filipino artists’ participation in government programs for medical, hospitalization, disability, incapacity, retirement, housing and similar benefits; to contribute to the Filipino artists’ empowerment through capacity building programs on artists’ rights, arts management, arts education, wellness, legal information, and other areas of concern; and to engage in activities that sustain the organization.

For the past thirteen years, AWPI’s efforts to assist creatives and artists has gained momentum such as:

  1. Securing 600 cultural workers and freelance artists with hospitalization, medical laboratory and services, diagnostics, and doctor consultations with Cocolife Healthcare HMO services. An affordable premium was made possible by enjoining a minimum of 100 artists who were willing to pay for their own HMO.
  2. Data Sentry to 15,000 creatives nationwide.
  3. Coordinating with Philhealth, SSS and PAG-IBIG to understand the plight of artists and become partners with AWPI to promote access to government support.
  4. Pool volunteer lawyers under the Lawyers for Artists Welfare Service – LAWS who shall help artists with their legal needs at an affordable and innovative barter service exchange. AWPI is closely coordinated with the IPO office as well.
  5. Promoting artists professionalize by securing TIN number and BIR Certificates that can furnish them with Official Receipts and securing them better contracts and service packages.
  6. Partner with the CHED Accredited universities to offer the Masters Degree in Public Management Major in Culture and Arts Development led by National Artists as professors.
  7. Lobbying for bills such as The Act Instituting Policies for the Protection and Promotion of the Welfare of Workers in the Audio-Visual Industry, The Artists Welfare Protection and Information Act, the Freelance Workers Protection Act, Creative Industries Bill and others.
  8. The Artists Villages program currently in the initial stages of planning
  9. Securing RiteMed as partner in giving more discounts to artists on their medicine orders.

AWPI is also committed to contribute to the NEDA Philippine Development Plan 2017-2020 in Promoting Philippine Culture and Values stating that “By 2022, Filipinos will have greater awareness of our diverse culture and values. There will be significant progress towards inculcating values for the common good, cultivating creativity, and strengthening culture sensitive governance and development.” (Page 15. NEDA PDP, 2018)

AWPI BOARD 2019-2022
Jonas George Soriano
Fernando Josef
Vice Chairperson
Ronnie Lazaro
Dennis Marasigan
Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

Rolando Inocencio
Kate Lim
Raffy Tejada
Simon Balboa
Mark Anthony Falcon
Paul Alexander Morales
Ibarra Mateo
Emmanuel dela Cruz
Robert Hayden Jr.
Tednicanilao Camahalan

Executive Director
Jennifer Lee-Bonto
Educational Programs Director
Robert Hayden Jr

2nd Floor Tanghalang Pilipino,
PDC Bldg, CCP Complex Roxas Blvd. Manila

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