AWPI continues to send financial aid to displaced artist during the COVID-19 pandemic

Open House

During difficult times like these, we rely a lot on artists to help us get through. From shows to stories, music to dance, art helps us get by. But these difficult times also mean that artists need us to help them get through, too. 

The lockdown has caused thousands of Filipino freelancers, performers, designers, technicians, and production staff to lose their jobs, projects, and income. They are a special type of worker that escapes the protection of the public sector and are very much vulnerable. We decided that something needed to be done, and that’s why we created Open House.

OPEN HOUSE is an online fundraising project by Artist Welfare Project, Philstage, SPIT MNL, Third World Improv, and the Theater Actor’s Guild and Ticket2Me, for the benefit of the performing arts community.

Through live online classes, shows, and workshops, OPEN HOUSE will raise funds to help our Filipino artists and creative workers in need. Donations will be used as cash assistance for the most vulnerable of artists and creative workers to help them survive this difficult period until employment (and the world) returns to normal.

OPEN HOUSE online shows and classes are free. To support this project and donate to the Artists Welfare Project, click here:

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