AWPI continues to send financial aid to displaced artist during the COVID-19 pandemic

Move the World

This Lockdown will not stop Dancers from MOVING THE WORLD. Almost 60 artists have made this video possible to raise awareness for dancers who have lost their work because of the Covid19 pandemic. These dance workers are dancers at live events, at stage performances, festivals, cruise ships, parties. They are also dance teachers, coaches and trainers. Sad to say, most creative artists will not have work for the next months due to the social distancing protocols. Artists Welfare Project Inc. can help and give cash aide to many of these workers.

Please donate any amount via

Thank you so much. Let’s keep moving the world 😊

Video Direction & Edit by Miko Reyes
Original Music by Jef Flores
Choreographic Direction by PJ Rebullida
Street Choreography by Lema Diaz

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